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The Red Village

IMPORTANT UPDATE We are moving to the new version of the IQ Market to provide you with more advanced functionality, search features, and user experience!

To participate in the new TRV Seasons campaign, please, follow the link to the new version of the IQ Market to list and rent your Champions.

PLAYERS WITH LISTED ASSETS For those who have Champions listed on this version of IQ Market, please delist the assets in your personal profile, withdraw your assets and list them again on the new IQ Market v2.

PLAYERS WITH RENTED ASSETS For those who are currently renting TRV assets, the terms of your rentals remain unchanged.

GOING FORWARD Once all current rentals are finished, we will fully migrate to the new version of the platform. This IQverse will be phased out and removed once all assets are delisted.

In case there are questions, contact us in Discord, Telegram for further support.

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Attention The Red Village players: Visit the IQ Market v2 to participate in TRV SEASONS!

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