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The Next Big Raffle #1 | Web3 Gaming Starter Packs

We’re coming in HOT to start with our first raffle of the year! We’ve teamed up with none other than Citizen Conflict, Champions Ascension and Aether Trading Card game to provide our shared community with amazing Web3 Gaming prizes Rent an IQ Protocol x The Next Big Raffle #1 NFT ticket for free… Start: 23rd Jan 5PM UTC -> Finish: 11th Feb 5PM UTC -> Results: 16th Feb on IQ Discord Prize winners: 10 x 100 $IQT Whitelist Winners | 200 Citizen Conflict Epic Loot Boxes (10 winners get 20 each) | 3 x Champions Ascension Elemental Eternal NFTs | 2 x NFTs + 10 Booster packs from Aether Trading Card Game

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